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Welcome to your new website!

Sorry guys this guild is no longer around its just a bank guild if you would like to join the new one please contact Babalawo,Arisaa,Taxiservice,Failtank or Bigmoocow. I would like to thank you all for being apart of euphoria when it was alive and well.
Other Guild News

Introduction of New Raid Points System

Taxiservice84, Jan 16, 10 10:02 PM.

EuphoriA will be introducing a new raid points system in order to promote fairness and encourage attendance. This new system will be tracked via the web site, so it is imperative that everyone registers here.

How it Works
Every time you sign up for, and attend a raid, you’ll be awarded points. Participating in successful boss kills will also award points. When an item drops that you would like, yet have lost the roll for, you can contest the roll and start a bid using your points. All bids will start at one, and will progress until an item is won either by a.) all other participants running out of points, or b.) when all other participants have stopped placing bids. Once an item is won, the winner of the item will lose their points placed for the bid.

The use of this system will reward members that have worked hard for an item, by giving them priority on loot.

This points system also has a not-so-rewarding side. For members that have signed up for, and failed to attend a raid, they will lose points. You may ask yourself, “Why sign up and take the chance then?” The answer to that is: If there is a spot in the raid available and you would like to come, you will not receive the attendance points. You will, however, still receive points in boss kills. Keep in mind, if any member is negative in points, you will still be able to participate, but will not be able to roll on any loot until you’ve reached a positive (zero) balance.

PuGs (Pick-up Groups)
So how will the points system effect people that points don’t apply to? The answer is exactly that, they will not apply. PuGged members are our guests. In order to make our raids a welcoming environment, and promote the positive image of EuphoriA, if a PuGged member wins the roll on loot, bids will not be accepted. This is another reason to encourage each other to attend raids to avoid these situations.

Points System Breakdown
2 Points – Signing up for, and attending a raid
0 Points – Attending a raid without signing up first (positions will not be guaranteed)
-2 Points – Failing to attend a raid that you have signed up for
1 Point – Participating in each boss kill

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Babalawo12, Jan 15, 10 3:57 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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